Brewing Cocoa - French Roast Sampler Pack


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Product Overview

This French Roast Sampler Sack includes one 3.5 oz bag of our Ivory Coast French Roast. Coming from the most popular estate by volume, this Choffy has a medium bodied chocolaty flavor with some earthy notes and a nice roasted, smoky flavor. 

 The second product in this sampler is our Volta French Roast. It a mocha-like flavor that is unique and awesome!  It is the first in our "coffee replacement" line and is a great flavor for people who like to walk on the darker side of brewed drinks. 
 Lastly you will get one 3.5 oz bag of our Ecuador French Roast. If you are looking for a coffee replacement, then this is the flavor for you. Ecuador French Roast is rich, robust and coffee-like. In fact, this is the most widely used coffee replacement product in our line up!  It is awesome, bold and will help you kick start your day! 
 Each 3.5 oz bag can make a full pot of Choffy if you are using a coffee maker (just remember to use a permanent filter, NOT a paper filter), or up to 60 oz in a french press. The bags a pre-measured for the perfect amount for these brewing sizes! 
 With these three amazing flavors you are sure to find a dark roast that is just right for you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review