Brewed Chocolate - IC French Roast - Brewing Cocoa ( Brewed Cacao )

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BREWED CHOCOLATE.The darkest roast in our Ivory Coast line, Ivory Coast French is perfect for those looking for a darker twist on that iconic flavor. It has a profound cocoa flavor with subtle earthy notes.

Choffy has a clean energy source. Theobromine…Clean, long lasting and non-addictive energy without the jitters and without the crash! often found in other drinks.

This revolutionary new drink is made with one Ingredient – 100% pure, premium cocoa beans which are carefully hand – selected and dried naturally by the sun to enhance the full – bodied chocolate flavour. They are then roasted and milled to perfection to produce the world’s most flavourful cocoa grounds.

100% Pure Cocoa grounds...Keto, Paleo, Non - GMO, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free..Vegan, Antioxidant Rich.


Approximately 24 - 6 oz. servings.

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    French Roast

    Posted by Sheila King on 2019 Dec 20th

    I really like this product. I am still working out the desired strength for my French press, as I like my beverages quite robust. I am looking forward to trying the choffy with Fr roast coffee to make a mocha drink!
    The only thing that disappoints me is that it came packaged in styrofoam beads which are not recycled. perhaps used crumpled paper or newsprint? Or shredded paper?